Helping Those On The Spectrum Live Their Best Lives.

Having a loved one with Autism can mean years of trial and error as you struggle to locate the best resources. Many are unsure of where to get a diagnosis and uncertain what treatments and services are needed. Often there are long waiting lists for services. Resources and treatments are usually available at multiple locations which makes the process even more time consuming. 

ARTC will provide one complete resource and treatment center in San Diego for newborns to adults.


Early Intervention & Diagnosis

Early detection is key to future progress. Although there's no medical test to diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD), doctors will look at the child’s behavior and development. They perform a Developmental Screening and Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation. ASD can sometimes be diagnosed at 18 months or younger but often children don't receive a final diagnosis until they're much older. This results in a delay in getting the help they really need. At ARTC, children will be able to receive the services and support they critically need resulting in early detection, diagnosis and thousand of lives being changed for the better.


ABA Speech & OT Therapies

Speech and OT Therapy programs will be available at ARTC. The Speech Therapy program will help to improve the ability to understand and appropriately communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings. As a result of program participation, participants will gain the ability to independently problem-solve, improve vocal quality, swallowing function, safety, self-esteem and overall quality of life.

OT Therapists will work with children, teens and adults to develop handwriting skills, motor skills and life skills. They specialize in emotional, physiological and social patterns and behaviors. They will address challenges with sensory processing while educating families on how to successfully manage their loved one's behavior.


Sensory Zones

Those on the spectrum often have difficulty processing sensory information such as sounds, brightness, textures, smells, tastes and movement. This can cause seemingly ordinary situations to feel overwhelming often interfering with daily functions. This can result in isolation for these individuals and their families. ARTC will provide Sensory Integration Therapy which strategically uses fun play activities to change how the brain responds to touch, sound, sight and movement.


Parental Support

The constant monitoring and caregiving can result in complete exhaustion for parents who don't often get a break. It's common for families to feel the impact of stress as they juggle work, family, medical appointments, therapy appointments and finances. For most parents, tending to their child's needs means sacrificing their own self care, including relationships. Lack of time is one of parents' biggest obstacles. Without a caregiver they can trust, it can often feel like there is no relief in sight. Help is on the way! At ARTC, parents will finally receive  parental support and the services they need to not only help their child live their best life on the spectrum but help parents live their best lives too!


Social Groups & Counseling

Social groups and counseling will be provided for all ages from elementary to adult. The social groups and counseling services are designed to allow those on the spectrum to have social independence. They will teach social skills, increase social and behavior awareness. Teens and adults will have an opportunity to interact with college-aged students and mentors in a comfortable and supportive environment that encourages their success. 


Job & Life Skills

Critical job and life skills will be taught to teens and adults on the spectrum designed to equip them for a successful future. Teens and adults will learn functional life skills such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, organizing, how to live independently in their first apartment and job skills. 


Specialty Shop 

Your one stop shop for everything families, teachers and therapists need to help children, teens and adults including sensory integration items, sensory toys, books, ABA materials, therapy swings, visual aids and more. We will also specialize in difficult to find items.


Resource Library

Knowledge is power. Families, teachers, therapists, caregivers and those on the spectrum will have the opportunity to browse current books, periodicals, educational materials, interactive software and multi-media at ARTC's Resource Library.

ARTC San Diego

ARTC San Diego